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  • IMG 5653

    Oven baked Cauliflower

    Fantastic tasty, baked cauliflower. A real delicacy almost without work because it does not have to be pre-cooked. Preparation time 5 minutes .. Baking 40 minutes .. Grill time 5 minutes

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  • DSC03990

    Red cabbage soup with horseradish

    Preparation time 15 minutes .. Cooking 55 minutes .. Durability 4-5 days in refrigerator

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  • DSC03982

    Lime rice with Skrei and cilantro

    Great menu after a long break without food, or if you just want to relax your body. A fresh and light menu. Yummy! Preparation time 20 minutes

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  • IMG 9937

    Mediterranean salad

    Simple, healthy and deliciously rich Mediterranean salad. You can serve it with chiabatta, or a cold Danish sandwich. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Durability 4-5 days in refrigerator

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  • IMG 3567

    Stone Age Bread

    Incredible, nutritious and toasted in the microwave, it is truly crunchy-delicious Nordic stone age bread. Such things literally revive the body after a long fasting period, but even if you want to try something new, original and healthy and not hurt yourself. Fans of the …

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  • IMG 8393

    Cauliflower-fennel salad with marinated tuna

    This is the richness of flavours on the plate. Tuna really adds to the salad. All ingredients are a symbiosis of aromas and flavours. Dates ensure a balance between the sweet and sour taste of the menu. Perfect with a glass of good red wine. …

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  • IMG 8364

    Cold Danish Walnutbuns

    Easy, nutritious en very yummy walnut buns. Easy to make, delicious with soup or salad or just as breakfast. Recipe is borrowed from Preparation time 10 minutes .. Rising over night .. Baking 10-13 minutes .. Durability xx weeks

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  • IMG 8337

    Rye – Buckwheat chiabatta

    Rye-buckwheat version of irresistibly tasty, Italian bread. These chiabatta’s are prepared from the amount of ingredients listed in the recipe. Preparation time 25 minutes .. Proof time 16 hour + 3 x 45 minutes .. Baking time 25-35 minutes .. Durability cut in slices and …

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  • IMG 8308 1

    Fennel-celery-dill salad

    Amazingly fresh, healthy and delicious salad made from potatoes, apples, fennel, celery and an amazing lemon-herb dressing. Fried salmon or chicken fillet will be a great side dish here 🙂 Preparation time 10 minutes .. Durability 1 week

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  • IMG 8298

    Croquettes from beetroot hummus

    This is one of the ways how I can make my family eat their non-favorite food – see here. Because hummus is not one of my husband’s favorite dishes, I made the rest into croquettes that my Flemish jewel and every other “batman” will not …

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