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Croquettes from beetroot hummus

This is one of the ways how I can make my family eat their non-favorite food – see here. Because hummus is not one of my husband’s favorite dishes, I made the rest into croquettes that my Flemish jewel and every other “batman” will not be able to resist. Together with fried cauliflower and a garlic-lemon-dill salsa, they will disappear from the plate just like the meat.

Preparation time 15 minutes .. Frying 4 minutes per side

INGREDIENTS .. for 20 pcs

  • 300 g of beetroot hummus left overs, or other hummus left over
  • 115 g grated cheese
  • 2 egg whites
  • bread-crumbs


Add your favorite grated cheese to the prepared beetroot hummus left over and mix well.

You can fill the piping bag with the mixture and spray rolls of 3 cm thick on a board; without using the nozzle. Now cut them into 4-5 cm long croquettes.

Other way of making croquettes: Because the mass is quite stiff and easy to work with if you can spread the hummus with a spoon on kitchen foil and roll it to a diameter of ± 3 cm. Than cut it in chunks of 1 cm thick.

ATTENTION! NEVER add milk, cream or other liquids to the croquettes, otherwise they will burst during frying.

Allow the mixture to cool in the refrigerator. Then coat them in beaten egg whites and breadcrumbs and put them in the freezer for later (see photo – I only pack them after freezing), or fry them immediately at 180°C (about 4 minutes per side, no more). Serve with mashed potatoes and green lettuce.

Enjoy your meal!

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