Croquettes out of Salad ®

I made a little too much of my Proteïnesla and my husband could no longer handle it. As I did not want to throw him away (the salad, not my husband), I decided to give him another look. And now I can freeze my salad as croquettes. Voilà!

Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 8-10 minutes



Put the remaining lettuce in the food processor, add the egg and chop not fine him. Put him in the bowl. Is the mix too wet, add some breadcrumbs at meg and well.

Take the mass croquettes to greeting in the form of star or heart, or just circles. Roll them in sezamzaad and fry each side for about 4 minutes in the heat oil.

Serve with vegetables or as ordinary croquettes with fried fish and sauce, or as appetizers with tasty salsa.

Bon apetit!

After baking and cooling you can freezing them for later. So, I saved my salad and have even some delicacy over. Ha!

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