Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2020’

  • IMG 5399

    White cabbage pancakes

    Another great yum-yum at our home. This time delicious pancakes of white cabbage-celery-carrot combination, loaded with garlic and seasoned with Greek mix and soy sauce. Really a delicious meal. With mashed potato puree with leek, it tastes like vegetable meatballs. This will even overcome stale …

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  • IMG 8232

    Kohlrabi Carbonara

    World famous tagliatelle carbonara, but in a vegetable version. The tagliatelle was replaced by the kohlrabi. But the menu is great and very light to digest. Preparation time 30 minutes

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  • IMG 7646

    Bolognese with vegetables

    Typical Italian Bolognese sauce, this time with carrots and celery, so that children and the elderly will not suffer from constipation after eating only meat 🙂 Preparation time 90 minutes

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