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  • IMG 95243

    Szeged stew

    This delicious specialty comes from Hungary but not – as many people think – from the Hungarian city of Szeged. The name of this goulash (stew) is derived (error) of the original version – Hungarian Szekelygulyás (goulash of Szekely), which is a dish of sauerkraut …

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  • IMG 9510

    Rustic bread

    This language version on Povvi I would like to greet and finally please my longtime friend Elenochka from Rostov-on-Don, who asked me already so long time ago to write our rcp in English so that she could understand them as well and maybe try them. …

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  • IMG 9488

    Triclate ®

    This really triple chocolate cake was a great desire of my son Matej, for his beautiful, seventeenth birthday. He also coined the name of the cake. A cake without baking? This you can’t refuse to your child, could you? 😉 Preparation time 30 minutes .. …

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