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  • DSC06290

    Wedding tart ®

    Delicious cake filled with fruit and soft, light biscuits. Highly recommended to celebrate your wedding day. And that exactly what we did. Preparation time 50 minutes .. Baking 2 x 15 minutes .. Cooling 4 x 1 hour

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  • DSC06703

    Roasted pheasant breast with pickled blackberries

    Delicious and incredible light menu according to the British chef James Mackenzie. Preparation time 2 hours .. Baking 6-12 minutes (depends from the age of the meat)

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  • DSC06650

    Rack of lamb with carrot & star anise purée

    Fantastic rack of lamb with carrot & star anise purée en delicious herb sauce. Lamb for Christmas Eve diner was my idea, carrot & star-anise purée was found on Preparation time 55 minutes .. Baking 15 minutes

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  • DSC05660

    Josta Elderflower cordial ®

    Great, healthy syrup with diverse use. Preparation time 2 x 55 minutes .. Durability min.1 jaar

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  • DSC06119

    Souffle with blackberries

    French souffle with wild blackberries picked up during the walk in our favorite domain. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 40 minutes

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  • DSC06570

    Chocolate fudge

    My son loves chocolate and also fudge. So I did a little research for a recipe with these two conditions and found it at Easy to make, delicious chocolate flavor and a real treat. Preparation time 10-15 minutes .. Cooling 4 hours .. Durability …

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  • DSC04803

    Replacement of silicone

    Less than a year after our move we already noticed, that it will not take long till the silicone will have to be quickly replaced. But the fact that here in Belgium takes everything so pointless long and is so silly expensive, I decided that …

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