In this section we would like to bring closer to you the life and attractions of Antwerp, its surroundings, Belgium, but also show some interesting things from the neighbours: the Netherlands, France, and elsewhere.

You may not know, but Antwerp are worldwide famous not only as the second largest port in Europe, but also as the “Jerusalem of the West”, the City of Diamonds and they are also the birthplace of the world famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.

Znamenie Cias

Crowdfunding Freedom

June 18. 2019 This is not about funds, but about pure, honest humanity. We founded this crowdfunding to help our …

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Wat a premiere !

Something like this did not happened to us yet, to get a positive response from one of the producers from …

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IMG 0717

Don’t believe what you see.

Warning! If you have a little children, don’t let them read this article. I do not know how it is …

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IMG 6269

Never give up !

This day started beautifully: First I have got a document that I’ve been waiting for a long time, and managed …

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IMG 6392

Decoration of failed recipes

Have you been looking for a really good recipe for your favorite Slovak traditional honey cookies and when you’ve finely …

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IMG 5628

Winter moments – Professionals

Since the exhibition Winter Moments with flowers was really huge and well taken by an equally material, we divided the …

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IMG 5623

Winter moments with flowers – volume 1

This event is organized annually by the magazine Fleur Creatif and took place in the magnificent setting of a medieval …

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IMG 63481

Flower exhibition Keukenhof 2013

This article does not come from Antwerp and even from Belgium. However, I want to share this beauty that the …

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IMG 8732

Mother’s day & Rubens market

Bij deze DANK U WEL aan al deze SUPERLIEVE, vriendelijke en prachtige marktkramers. Jullie deden het super goed !!! Dikke …

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