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Decoration of failed recipes

Have you been looking for a really good recipe for your favorite Slovak traditional honey cookies and when you’ve finely found and tried it you’ve found with regret that it just doesn’t work? Or even more: that the recipe was surely not accidental but modified such way that you certainly would not get it right? Now that just happened to one of my family member who has recently visited me.

Me myself, I bake our traditional honey cookies only last eight years, but after reading the “great new recipe” I was skeptical and sure that this is going to fail. The problem was not so much the fact that no butter was reported in the recipe like the feeling I got during reading it. I was sure that a significant adjustment was made, ​​which will end u in failure in this recipe. Be surely not surprised by what you read, there are between us indeed also those, who protect their recipes but consciously change their secrets. Yes, we are only human and everyone of us has his own way how to protect his secret.

But back to the recipe. The woman who has published the recipe in this way, claiming that it is the “best recipe” she ever had, and that the cookies made with this recipe will be super soft and tasty. But the cookies have never been so : not after baking, not a week later, and until today they are nor soft neither eatable. To the great disappointment of my family member they are incredibly hard and even after few minutes in tea or coffee doesn’t help them to be softer. Fortunately, she has only made ​​it to half of the ingredients 😉

You might say: throw such recipe yet away ! But believe me, it’s really not necessary. The cookies are really not eatable (only the pig would have fun with such cookies) but there is something positive on them too – they keep a perfect shape not only while being baked and after but after decorating they look like jewels cut of timber. And so we have also used them.

Maybe I would have them all until today but when my family member saw them after being decorated, we almost had a fight who will keep how much of them for yourself 😀

And for you, I have not only this report with advice, but also the pictures of our perfect “failed” Christmas decorations of modified recipe from website of the newspaper Pravda.

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