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  • IMG 7396

    Banana cake

    This banana cake/ bread is really super easy to make. I only bake such cakes, if my family avoids the ugly bananas 🙂 You can use nuts as desired, or replace them with chocolate chips or dried fruit. I borrowed the recipe from Spend with …

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  • IMG 8839

    Greek Herb Mix

    Herb mix for Mediterranean and Greek delicacies. I prefer to mix my herbs myself, because then I know what I eat and also, that when cooking with this mixture I will not be surprised by monosodium glutamate (monosodium salt of glutamic acid) or thickeners. Preparation …

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  • IMG 1733

    Fritters with Zucchini and Feta

    Another great vegetable delicacy. Fritters are great as they are – only with salsa. But you can also eat them as a substitute for croquettes with salad, or as a side dish at the BBQ. Or serve them as an appetizer at your party, or …

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  • IMG 7825 2

    Anchovy Garlic Salsa

    Incredibly tasty . Also suitable for meat and cheese. Preparation time 10 minuten

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  • IMG 2129

    Cauliflower – apple- dill salad

    Truly fantastic menu for hot summer days. I’m absolutely in love with that fresh, fishy and savory salsa! Cheap, healthy, simple and delicious lunch or diner. Recipe is borrowed from CookingLight and enhanced with bacon. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 30-35 minutes

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  • IMG 6452

    Cauliflower rice with mushrooms

    Great vegetable menu. But it is also suitable as a side dish with cod or salmon, with toasted homemade sausage or BBQ. If you have some left over, use it as a filling to . Preparation time 20 minutes

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  • IMG 6982

    Puff Pastry Mushroom Samosas

    Do you have som left overs of ? Divide it into a puff pastry, add beloved cheese and you have a snack for children, or lunch for your husband. Preparation time 5 minutes .. Baking 15 minutes

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  • IMG 8433

    Apple Dijon Turkey

    I borrowed this recipe from Santa Cruz organic but I left cayenne pepper out and added apple chunks. Now, tat’s my sauce! This menu is delicious! strong>Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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  • IMG 8078 2

    Fluffy Walnut Croissants

    Feather fluffy croissants of sour cream dough with delicious walnut filling. Someone here is going to have a nice breakfast … 😉 Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 30 + 15 minutes .. Baking 13-15 minutes .. Durability some weeks in the deepfries

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  • IMG 7525

    Cottage cheese salad with salmon

    Fresh, healthy and nutritious combination of cottage cheese, smoked salmon and fresh vegetables. Preparation time 15 minutes

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