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To write this article I was inspired by intensity of visits recipes for – what else – chocolate glaze. I know from experience that the correct preparation and application of glazes is really very important. And to make it easier to all of you who just starting with baking and decorating cakes and tarts or just need some help, I want to dedicate this article with compact information on preparation, application and storage of finished glaze.

Of course, I’d be glad to get your feedback and also welcome your comments, or other possible questions about glazes. Those can be send not only through the form below each recipe or article, but also directly online through our LIFE online help Babelaar.

1. Always choose chocolate with the correct fluidity of 3 drops (see packaging) .
You can frees the cake after glazing: the glaze will still remain high glossy, even after being frozen and thawed.

2. The balance in the glaze recipe is crucial for a perfect result. This way you’ll get the right structure, so that the glaze at least two days from sticking. The patisserie A balanced recipe also ensures the typical gloss and rich color of the glaze.

3. For use heat the glaze to ± 35°C before use. Not higher or lower than 35°C. At this temperature is the fluidity of the glaze ideal to be easily and evenly distributed.

4. Always apply glaze to frozen patisserie up to -18°C. A lower temperature causes a thermal shock. A higher temperature melts the patisserie.

5. Remove the pastry from the grid when the glaze stops running. Otherwise it might pull holes.

6. You can save the glazed pastry at -18°C. After taking it out of the freezer, place it immediately for at least two hours in the refrigerator at 4°C to prevent condensation.

7. Always make the glaze at least 24 hours in advance so it they will get good rest and perfect result.

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