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Don’t believe what you see.

Warning! If you have a little children, don’t let them read this article.

I do not know how it is in Slovakia or any other countries, but here in Belgium you can buy radishes in several possible packages :

– Freely marketed, drawstring tied and without labels
– In translucent, plastic boxes with label
– In translucent, perforated bags with label

And that last packaging from the Dutch dealer made me today laughing. Packaging neither included any new kind of radish or unusual country of origine, nor had an unusual color. What was really special and I made me laugh, was its label. This included in fact the name of the product and below it should be obviously illustrated the product itself. And here I had to laugh, because till today I had no idea that what we know for years as peppers and tomatoes is actually a radish. At least surely in Holland 😀 See picture above 🙂

Because today really nothing is impossible, I am waiting with interest what will the reseller present as peppers, tomatoes and any other kind of vegetable next. And I look forward to the new – despite the prices- funny experience.

If you have the same experience and similar picture with such “professional looking like” packaging and/or labeling, send it to me. I’ll gladly publish each similar “professionally” marked material.

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