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Breakfast Zushli ®

This, though perhaps not very yummy looking dish is a real source of nutrients for anyone who wants not only to eat healthy, but has, for example, digestive problems, brittle, damaged or slow growing hair, pale skin, or need to lose a few extra pounds.

Preparation time 5 minutes


  • 3 tbsp oat flakes
  • 3 tbsp boiling water
  • 150 ml thick yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp of honey or brown sugar
  • fresh fruit (strawberries, banana, apple, kiwi…)


Put 3 tbsp of oat flakes into the breakfast bowl and cover them with boiling water. Really no need to cook them, it’s just to soften them.

Then add some strawberries chopped into slices and half banana. Add sugar or honey, drench all with yoghurt and mix gently but thoroughly. Bon apetit!

Some facts about natural oat flakes:
– Have you ever wondered how is it possible, that horses have such a wonderful dense, firm and shiny hair? Well, the answer to this question is simple: oat. Due the high content of vitamins, minerals and iron, the regular eating of oat flakes does not only improves the quality of your hair and skin, but also :
– increases the iron level in your blood and makes the blood circulation to the skin better
– increases the content of B-vitamins in your blood
– regular bowel movements
– purification of the intestinal wall and thus improves digestion

On the other hand, due to a combination of whole fat yogurt and fruit, your body absorbs vitamins from fruit faster and more spectacular. For your body does this mean immediate increasing of density of vitamins and minerals from breakfast in the highest possible amount. For those of you who are in expectation of a baby, regular consumption Zushli means :
– Perfect cleansing milk ways in your breasts
– Increasing intake of vitamins and minerals for you and your baby
– Improving food supply to unborn baby
– Healthy development of baby’s intestinal walls
– Smooth digestion of newborn after birth

What I write are definitely not information from the books, but the actual experience during the pregnancy and after my son was born. Thanks to regular breakfast in the form of Zushli had my son so smooth flow of food through the umbilical cord that doctors did not believe that I was of two weeks passed down. They found it out only on the moment, when amniotic fluid were already decomposed. Plus I had, thanks Zushli, so clean milk paths that I nursed for two years and seven months even sucked milk for newborn babies department in hospital. My son never suffered or vomiting, or the stomach problems or pains ache. On top of that, due the regular intake of iron in my breakfast has got my son such great level of iron, that he never has a problem with learning at school, or concentration. And the doc said to me: “Thanx to your discipline in eating Zushli during pregnancy can your son profit from it in many levels of his life.”

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