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Never give up !

This day started beautifully: First I have got a document that I’ve been waiting for a long time, and managed a few other things and new orders of honey cookies with my naive art.

It looked just like a Sunday instead of Tuesday (for those who do not understand: as a great and special day). Until the moment the e-mail came with a text that no one, except the person who wrote it, understands. At first I almost cried of anger, and finally I decided to forward this nonsense to the superiors of that “intelligent”.

What was going on? Our “amazing” local authorities for the payment of child support had decided today that the old-fashioned European E400 form is just not enough and decided to bullying the parents of children born outside of Belgium in a new way. The new method consists of the following:

1. First, a parent, that has legal right within EU to child support – has to provide evidence of the studies of his child – a fully completed and confirmed by the school form E402.
2. Once the school is not able to fully complete that form it should be sent back (incomplete, because sometimes there is no other way, and that the rules across the EU vary). The parent will then receive from the office of child support institution, lightning fast a reply that he/she did not qualify for child support, due to the last filled item listed on the form. The fact that every university abroad has a different way of giving the lessons and therefore they can’t fill in the form, you will be said no one is interested. So you don’t get any child support either.

If you can still defend, and even after 4 phone calls and conversations with five bosses of that office can manage, there will be more and new obstacles in your way:
3. The office will send you an e-mail stating that to make it so they do not bully you, you have to send ASAP the these following information (this is really nothing for weak stomachs, so be aware):

– Proof that you have cared for the last six years of secondary education of your children really yourself.
– Proof that you really bought the food for your children (!)
– Proof that your child was examined regularly by a physician or a doctor (as proof you have to send a copy of the bill excerpts)
– Proof or evidence that the child actually went to school in the city of your permanent residence (specify if possible and as evidence you have to send a copy of the invoices that the school has sent to you and the written testimonies of teachers and classmates of your child, that your child was really at school with them)
– And finally, a written testimony of all your neighbours, family members and anyone who saw your child actually live in your apartment or a house and not somewhere on the tree or in a cave. No comment.

Well, here’s my sanity came to a stop, and I could only say one thing:

– Do I actually need to proof or send some testimony of my pregnancy from 19 years ago, along with another proof that I was carrying my baby 9 months really myself, under my own heart, and that the child was born really by me and no one else ?

As we can see, we live in a new era, and this is probably a new fashion. I call it “Masturbation of control” – ugh! Eventually, I was thinking that such information was not required by my parish priest in confession neighter, nor I myself was investigated by the police, nor convicted by any court. And if I did not have experiences which I have I would be after today, apparently sit somewhere on a closed clinic in a white suit with a zipper on the back :-D. But because my country- Slovakia- does not give a birth to her heroes to let them fall on their butts from all such stupid people, I fight against stress and such idiocy my own way: with “naive art” on honey biscuits. And to all that “smart people” who wrote me such nonsense I respond with dividing my honey biscuits to all others, who suffer the same.

You ask why? Why I just do not curse all those “intelligents”? Sometimes I wish to do it, but ultimately I do not. I’m not at their level, because it is not healthy to be. And besides, when Jesus Christ walked the earth, and the pharisees and hypocrites had provoked him with infinite stupidity almost to madness He also did something “abnormal”.

Scripture writes about the following: “Jesus get angry, turned around and healed the sick!” What a wonderful turning of power from anger emotion into healing and peace!

To heal the sick I can’t do yet, anyway if it is God’s will, once I’ll definitely do it. But because I was baptized in His name, I can not do otherwise than to follow my Master in the struggles against evil. You say, I can’t win? Jesus has already won for me 😉

And what about you, how do you deal with the degradation of intelligence around you? Thank you for encouraging and every idea, or a light in the darkness for others. Here you can see my little “light in the darkness”:

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