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  • DSC05068

    Southern sauté with red salsa ®

    After great success with our Australian sauté I decided to translate the fresh flavours of the Southern regions of Europe in a sauté. And this is the result: Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 10 minutes

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  • DSC05051

    Ozembuch’s fingers

    Do you also sum as a gusting to cook it yourself rather on the ground would strike? Voilà, that’s why this name of the dish. Preparation time 20 minutes

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  • DSC050301

    Dried cherries

    You can also use them as candy but also as an “added value” for pastries and cakes, as a decoration for desserts or ice cream glass. Or just as a healthy snack. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Drying 3 hours minutes .. Storage in sealed …

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  • DSC050051

    Summer salad Nr.7

    Surprisingly delicious salad of just three ingredients. Next time I will add some Parmesan or Pecorino – BLESSED! Preparation time 30 minutes

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  • DSC04986

    Apricot bar

    A little more luxurious version of a cake from leavened dough with fruit. And voilà, my breakfast or a treat for coffee-time is ready 😉 Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 45 minutes .. Baking 20-25 minutes

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  • DSC04972

    Summer salad Nr.6

    Pasta salad with leek and corn. I should better say “Magic” made in less than 10 minutes and for less than 1 EUR. Delicious, incredibly cheap and hugely nutritious meal, with lightly spicy and fresh flavour. Preparation time 8 minutes

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  • DSC04954

    Summer salad Nr.5

    SUPERFOODS in action : few calories for a successful weight loss, or just local, but tasty and light food 🙂 Preparation time 10 minutes

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  • DSC04942

    Summer salad Nr.4

    Salad worthy of bringing to a holiday feast ! Yummy, fresh, crunchy and with delicious flavour. Great as a light dinner or lunch but also as a side dish… You name it. Preparation time 15 minutes

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  • DSC04914

    Australian sauté with green pasta

    You could call this dish also a pasta with meat as an side dish. But it’s really delicious! Preparation time 35 minutes

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  • DSC04890

    Apricot at teatime ®

    Incredibly fresh, juicy and soft aromatic cake for afternoon coffee with friends or as a Sunday-cake. Including gluten-free version in the recipe. Bereiden 15 minutes .. Bakken 20-25 minuten

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