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  • DSC05657

    Summer Quartet ®

    Irresistible, fresh jam of Jostaberries, Blackcurrant and Red gooseberries, accompanied by aromatic extracts from elderflower. Hmmm …… Preparation time 55 minutes .. Durability 1 year

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  • DSC05608

    Double Cherry jam

    Jam 50/50. So you can call this delicious jam from sour cherries and cherries with vanilla touch. Blessed by bread but also as a condiment for your cakes and pastries. Preparation time 55 minutes .. Durability 1 year

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  • DSC056131

    Pineappel Apricot compote ®

    Delicious combination of pineapple and apricot, followed by mysterious and pure natural flavours of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and clove. Combination of flavours creates really an heavenly taste with multi-use capabilities. My own recipe. Preparation time 50 minutes .. Durability 1 year

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  • DSC05542

    SPA cake with Apricots

    Incredibly delicious flavour combination of soft SPA liquor and fresh lemon and apricots. Icredible as a breakfast, or for coffee time. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Resting 4 hours .. Baking 60 minutes .. Durability 5 days

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