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  • DSC06071

    Lunch box ®

    This dish is actually a fish, meat and salad in one. The day before yesterday I made a papillote of chicken and bacon. But my Darling did not manage to eat it all, and I certainly didn’t wanted to throw the leftovers away. So I …

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  • DSC060571

    The Twins ®

    This irresistible and fresh cake I’d like to dedicate to the twins of my Iranian friends Farzaneh & Ali. Delicious, fresh and really raspberry yummy. The cake is also perfectly suitable for people with milk intolerance. Preparation time 45 minutes .. Cooling 30 minutes .. …

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  • DSC06010

    Flat marble cake

    Light, fresh and fruity. A marble cake like you’re not used to. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 20-25 minutes

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  • DSC06004

    Salmon met savoy cabbage salad

    Quick and tasty dinner with minimum ingredients. Preparation time 4 minutes .. Baking 8 minutes

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  • DSC05979

    Beetroot tagliatelle

    Another nice recipe for beetroot. After the ravioli k had some dough over so I decided to make tagliatelle. Preparation time 45 minutes .. Durability dried up to one year

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  • DSC05944

    Beetroot ravioli with King crab filling

    Amazing ravioli from vegetarian, fuchsia coloured beetroot dough with delicious filling of King crab and two kinds of cheese. Blessed with a sauce to your taste and a glass of white wine. Preparation time 120 minutes .. Cooking 12 minutes .. Durability few months in …

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  • DSC05932

    Beetroot dough ®

    My own recipe. Beautiful colour, original taste and endless use of this almost 100% vegetable pasta dough. People on gluten-free diet can substitute the semolina flour by gluten-free variant. Preparation time 120 minutes .. Cooling 30 minutes .. Durability if dried – 1 year

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