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  • IMG 78352

    Strawberry turret

    Romantic mini dessert from decorative dough and strawberry bavarois. Preparation time 20 + 25 minutes

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  • IMG 9791 1

    Cherry balls

    Summer without fruit balls? Impossible. Here we go again – with cherries. Preparation time xx minutes .. Rising xx minutes .. Baking xx minutes

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  • IMG 748021

    Passango ®

    Birthdaycake for my husband’s mom. Now made with decorative doug. Preparation time 120 minutes

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  • IMG 73211

    Decorative biscuit dough

    Decorative biscuit for most beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries. Preparation time 20-25 minutes .. Baking 6-8 minutes

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  • Bagatelle

    Bagatelle ®

    The recipe for this wonderful cake I received during a reporting for the Slovak magazine Cakes from mama, the master pastry chef Bernard Proot, owner of the most luxurious pastry shop in Antwerp. This way I would like to thank him so much for giving …

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  • IMG 9757 1

    Raspberry Marshmallows

    Wonderful, raspberry marshmallows by the original French recipe. Great as a reward for kids. Preparation time 25 minutes .. Rest Time 3 hours

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  • IMG 6438

    Raspberry-Lemon tart

    Classic pastry dressed as a birthday cake. Thanks to the event which is linked to it, we call it a cake of God’s mercy. Preparation time 40 minutes .. Baking 15 minutes .. Cooling 4 hours

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  • IMG 9670

    Ravioli with mortadella

    Delicious ravioli with mortadella, pecorino and spinach. Preparation time 90 minutes

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  • IMG 9580

    Fruity leather

    Original discovery of my friend Tana. Preparation time 7 minutes .. Drying 9 hours

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  • IMG 948321

    Italian rolls

    Fantastic Italian specialty, called also Involtini; is made of veal, dried ham and cheese. Preparation time 50 minutes

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