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  • IMG 25831

    Buckwheat sourdough bread

    Buckwheat – or otherwise known as “dark wheat” comes from the Asian part of Russia and is easily digestible and nutritious. It contains high amounts of protein and fiber and low or no gluten. Moreover, it is suitable for people with vascular disorders. In order …

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  • IMG 2545

    Soy-sourdough bread

    Indeed, it is true what they say that sourdough bread has a richer aroma and taste much better. Preparation Time 15 minutes .. Rising 90 + 30 minutes .. Baking 30 minutes

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    Mashed potatoes with leek & white beer

    Original side dish to the meat or poultry. Preparation time 45-55 minutes

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  • IMG 2485 1

    Cod with leek puree

    Flemish people are really in love with cod. That’s why after all those days full of rich food I decided for this fantastic yummy, light and typical Flemish dish. Preparation time 70 minutes

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  • IMG 24841 1

    Butter sauce with white beer

    Delicious sauce with a very light beer flavour. Preparation time 30 minutes

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  • IMG 24521

    Gluten-free gift breads

    Little gluten-free gift breads for my mother and sister in law. Preparation Time 20 minutes .. Rising 40-60 minutes .. .. Baking 40-50 minutes

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  • IMG 24341


    Slovak most luxury way of processing lard. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 45 + 3×10 minutes .. Baking 13-14 minutes

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  • IMG 23591

    Pecan bread

    Fantastic taste, magnificent structure, fluffy soft bread. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Rising 60 + 40 minutes .. Baking 40-45 minutes

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  • IMG 24401

    Charlotte with apricots

    Birthday charlotte for mom. It tastes even better than the one with apricot… Preparation time 50 minuten .. Cooling een uur

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  • IMG 2281

    Tuzex buns

    Thanks to humorous commentary and nostalgic euphoria sparked by the look on Tuzex shop wodka used in this recipe I could not otherwise than rename these buns on Tuzex buns. This fact, however, it does not change the fact, that the recipe comes from Sweden. …

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