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  • IMG 31171

    Cannelés Bordelais

    Cannelés Bordelais are humble French little cakes from Gironde/Bordeaux which very few pastry chefs manage to get right. In essence, it is a vamped-up crepe batter cooked in tiny copper molds until they become brown and crusty outside. The inside has to remain wet. A …

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  • IMG 29901

    Dark bread on spelt sourdough

    I read that rye and spelt sourdough are the most used by bread makers. So I could not wait to make my own sourdough, and will now use dried one. But do not worry, soon I’ll also publish my own spelt sourdough. By Tuesday it …

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  • IMG 29271

    Chestnut tagliatelle

    I would like to thank for this recipe my husband’s mother, who was so kind and willing to translate it for me from French. Preparation time 15 minutes + 1 hour of rest

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  • IMG 28691

    Cheese-sesame bread

    The recipe is sufficient for 3 lovely breads, but feel free devide the dough according your wish. The bread is really so tasteful that it doesn’t need garnish. Preparation time 2 days .. Rising 45-60 + 45 minutes .. Baking 30 minutes

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  • DSC 1679

    Grandmother’s soup balls

    Unforgettable potato soup balls from my grandmother. They are delicious in lentil or bean soup with carrots, kohlrabi and parsley root. Preparation time 15 minutes

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  • IMG 30353

    Wheat sourdough

    Fantastic home made sourdough, which can be easily dried and stored for later. I call him Tamagotchi, because you have to constantly take care for him and feed him. Preparation time 7 minutes .. Rising 2-4 days

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  • IMG 2733 1

    Tagliatelle with Gurnard

    We tested new fish. Delicious! Preparation time 60 minutes

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  • IMG 26821

    Sourdough honey bread ®

    Another super bread in the portfolio – this time with sourdough modified version of Preparation time 20 minutes .. Rising 45 + 60 minutes .. Baking 25-35 minutes

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  • IMG 25851

    Lentil soup without roux

    Nutty and earthy in flavor, lentils have a high nutritional value that anyone can benefit from by incorporating this healthy legume into their diet. And not only than lentils lower the cholesterol as well as slowing down digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Preparation time …

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  • IMG 26421

    Pork fillet with hunter sauce

    Seen by the star chef but easy to be prepared also by beginners. Preparation time 30 minutes

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