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    Roasted pork liver

    My favorite saute. Very suitable for people with anemia. Preparation time 30 minutes

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    Lump Cheese in oil

    To marinate the cheese in jar is a perfect way to keep a healthy and pure product full of vitamins and minerals for the winter. Whether as a gift or a real, natural appetizer. De choice is yours, these jars will depart soon as a …

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  • DSC03746 2

    Decoration of Easter cookies ®

    In my family are these traditional Slovak honey cookies for Easter not the habit. But that varies from region to region in Slovakia. This year I made them first time ever for Easter. For bigger detail click on the picture.

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  • DSC03672

    Double apple pie

    This time I decided to make an Italian apple pie. The recipe (from La Cucina Italiana magazine) was really tempting but I made a little adjustment : instead of white wine I decided to use orange juice and white almonds were being substitute by almond …

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  • DSC03658

    Quiche with broccoli & salmon

    Crispy dough, nice and fresh broccoli and great smoked salmon. Better is almost impossible. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 25-30 minutes

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  • DSC03585

    Swirl bread

    Another breakfast sandwich with tasty, healthy and energetic chocolate nibs. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 2 x 45 minutes .. Baking 25-30 minutes

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  • DSC034131

    Salmon on bed of red cabbage

    I desired a meal with red cabbage. And as we usually eat a fish on Friday, I decided to combine these two together. I tell you, this is just so amazing! Preparation time 15 minutes .. Cooking 60 minutes

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  • DSC03560

    Yogurt of UHT milk

    After great success with full, white vaccinated yogurt, I tried the same mar with half full UHT milk from the supermarket. And I kept him purely at the request of my regular customer so that he can bring the yogurt to taste himself with sugar …

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  • DSC03463

    Laura’s cheesecake

    The recipe I borrowed from my friend Laura. I had homemade ricotta and decided to make a small cake for Women day. The result is a very soft tart with a touch of meringue and freshness of blackberries and raspberries. Preparation time 20 minutes .. …

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  • DSC03456

    Vaccinated BIO yogurt

    For the first time is the yogurt mentioned in writing source from the 8th century, which mentions a Turkish product called “yogurut”. Centuries later the name was changed to “yogurt”. However, according to historians, the word “yogurt” is Hun-Altai origin, and it is associated with …

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