Yogurt of UHT milk

After great success with full, white vaccinated yogurt, I tried the same mar with half full UHT milk from the supermarket. And I kept him purely at the request of my regular customer so that he can bring the yogurt to taste himself with sugar or other sweets.

Preparation time 20 minutes .. Cultivation 3 hours .. Durability 5 days

INGREDIENTS .. 8 x 200-230 ml

  • 1 liter of half-full, UHT milk
  • 80 g bio white yogurt


The advantage of this yogurt is actually in the fact that you put it after the preparation can use as much on sweet or salty manner.

The preparation is actually identical to the manufacture of the full, already pasteurized milk. Heat it at 40°C.

Remember and wash and sterilize all your utensils and storage glass in boiling water to avoid the bad bacteria.

Preheat the oven to 45°C.

Then you can at the bottom of the glass what do jam, muesli or fruit. I’ve skipped this time about everything of this.

Take a bit of the milk, and mix together with BIO yogurt (preferably using stainless steel or any other spoon but gene wooden spoons in order to avoid the bad bacteria in the yoghurt). Now you can, if desired, taste the remaining milk. This time I did not.

Mix the milk and divide over the prepared slides.

Put your yoghurts for the next 3 hours in preheated oven. Let them cool after three hours and enjoy them immediately or put them in the fridge for example for the breakfast.

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