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  • DSC03236

    Pistachio biscuit

    A super soft and fantastically tasty biscuit for cakes and pastries. If you need a gluten-free dough, substitute the flour by gluten-free flour mix. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 15 minutes

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  • DSC03125

    Salmon with rhubarb salad

    Delicious combination of tasty, fresh salmon with poached rhubarb and orange. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 8 minutes

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  • DSC03152

    Rhubapple ®

    Supple, delicate and delicious cake for eight people, with apple-rhubarb pudding filling and pistachio. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Cooling 30 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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  • DSC03070

    Mackerel with rhubarb chutney

    Super recept van chef James Martin with my small personal adjusting. Zalig voor de vastentijd. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking 10-30 minutes

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  • IMG 0275

    Pork cheeks with Savoy

    An adapted recipe from VTM koken (culinair channel). Blessed and really super light meal. People on gluten-free diet, the flour may replace the flour by a gluten-free alternative. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking 90 minutes

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  • DSC02928

    Celery, cucumber, spinach pins

    Fantastic, juicy, healthy and delicious pancakes. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 30 minutes

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  • DSC02997

    Fast marble cake

    Double coloured, fast cake with a minimum of eggs, but well with pistachio and almond slices. Forget the division of eggs, or whipping egg whites. Just mix, bake and enjoy ! Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 40 minutes

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  • DSC02892

    Butternut pumpkin soup

    Great, tasty, very healthy and again, budget very friendly soup with anti-inflamatory effects on your body. Preparation time 50 minutes

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  • DSC02865

    Roast lamb with pears

    Il grande comfort food 🙂 Blessed combination of lamb and soft, sweet vegetables and fruit. Healthy for everyone: for weight watchers such as lovers of liver recipes. Preparation time 1 hour 20 minutes

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  • DSC02845

    Brussels sprouts soup

    Delicious soup from the serie : healthy, tasty and cheap. But besides eating sprouts reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease while promoting a healthy complexion, more energy, and overall lower weight. Preparation time 45 minutes

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