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Oh, those cutters !

Those of you that have the advantage of using molds that can be washed in the dishwasher, can easily skip this article. But for those of you who are using aluminum molds I have good news:

I guess we know it all: by baking Christmas honey cookies we made dirty sometimes incredible amount of molds, which ultimately we must first wash and later carefully drying thoroughly. And these two little activities after several hours of baking, definitely do not belong among those enjoyable. On the contrary – it is literally horrible, right?

But if we do not want them to be next season full of rusty spots we truly have no choice.

In our family I bake honey cookies since mid- October. After a day of baking, when I look at the pile of used molds and imagine that I’ll have to spend next hour by washing them and then still dry them for the rest of the evening, I feel like a slave.

And so it occurred to me to use the still hot oven in order to dry them.

So I wash used molds immediately after using them and then, while still wet, I put them simply on a clean baking sheet. So prepared I put them into off but still a hot oven. Then just turn on the fan and let them dry completely as under a hair dryer.

The result is brilliant – perfectly dried and polished molds, which are perfectly dry to the tightest spaces and so prevented from the rust.

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