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Home-made BIO cottage cheese

There is nothing like a true, genuine, homemade and healthy products. And here is another one – home-made cottage cheese without preservatives.

Preparation time 3 days

INGREDIENTS .. for 250 grams

  • 2 liters of fresh cow’s milk


Pour the milk into the pot and let stand at room temperature for about 2-3 full days, till a dense mass (Slovak called “Kyshka”) occurs. Then put the pot with a thick mixture over medium heat and warm up to a temperature of about 60-70°C. Mix occasionally to achieve the same temperature in whole mass. When you see a white liquid on the side of the pot, the dense mass will collide in the middle and will generate a rich foam on the surface. Then pour the content through a strainer lined with towel. Take the corners of the towel and push the mass close together as you can see on the picture below. Leave the curd hanging above the pot for about half an hour. Afterwards your work is done and you can enjoy a quick and simple homemade “BIO” curd. From two liters of milk, you’ll get about 250 grams of fresh curd.

And what are the possibilities to process the curd into delicacies? Just think of :
Apricot dumplings →, Combi shavings with curd →, Schwarzwald tart →, of simple Spirelli with curd → and unforgettable Sweet ravioli → from my grand mother.

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