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Oven gloves

I do not know how it is elsewhere in the world, but over here in the West are not even oven gloves, what they used to. Those that can be bought are either completely about anything, because the heat will not only be not isolated, but quickly divided, or simply from materials such as clothes for babies and for the price of meat for Sunday lunch.

So I decided that I will not deal with it anymore and simply sew them myself. Finally, because it got two sewing machines and diploma 🙂

So I bought the material – the price of material for two oven gloves came included one being bought in the store. On the lining, I used an old, worn blouse. For the gloves it was great 🙂 And my gloves are born.

And what is the difference between mine and those from the shop?
First, perhaps the thickness- mine do not let heat through and so I’ll not burn my hands. Moreover, they are also longer, which is very useful if you put the pots in the oven. And third, they’re mine. And to make a difference between the right and left one, I did not cross the left one while the right one well 😉

And now I can start to make my own quilt.

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