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  • IMG 8477

    Almost gaspacho

    Deliciously fresh and tasty soup. Preparation time 45 minutes

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  • IMG 8396

    Apple flowers ®

    For us is Valentine actually every day. But to make our breakfast more fun and more festive, I made ​​the pastry in the shape of flowers and filled with real apple pudding. Yummy! Preparation time 40 minutes .. Rising 30+10+60 minutes .. Baking 12 minutes

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  • IMG 8382

    Apple pudding

    Delicious taste of real apple pudding. Fantastic as a dessert with biscuits or fruit. Preparation time 40 minutes

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  • IMG 8325

    Velvet glazing ®

    This glaze is extremely suitable for pastry and cakes, because it remains soft and glossy, even after freezing and thawing back. Preparation time 10 minutes Copyright © 2014 The Presidency of Very Visual Information. All Rights Reserved

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  • IMG 8333

    Blue from Heaven ®

    Eight years together deserves some “Happy wedding anniversary”. This “Blue from Heaven ®” is for my husband 😉 Preparation time 45 minutes .. Baking 18-20 minutes .. Cooling 60 minutes

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  • IMG 8290

    Perfect Glaze ®

    To write this article I was inspired by intensity of visits recipes for – what else – chocolate glaze. I know from experience that the correct preparation and application of glazes is really very important. And to make it easier to all of you who …

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  • IMG 1181

    Santa’s bag ®

    Every year the same thing: Santa is coming and that calls for a fun and memorable bag, right? Therefore, my son, when he was a baby, got his own Santa bag too. And my funny brothers did stabbed him with great pleasure immediately in it. …

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  • Picture 0131

    New jacket of old trousers ®

    It was year 1997. My son was just 2 years old and required a new jacket for his adventures. To be sure, he will not make the new one look dirty too fast, I made for him one – made ​​of old trousers. And to …

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  • IMG 8155

    Pork tenderloin with blueberries

    Easy, quick and very yummy dish. Preparation time 30 minutes

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  • IMG 8133

    Braided vanilla star

    Fantastic and faster version of Braided Nuutella star, this time with vanilla cream and Speculoos spread. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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