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ABC of ice cream

Do you also like ice cream?

Ice cream, sorbet, water ice: if you are fond of ice than it does not matter whether it is summer or winter, ice can always. There are also hundreds of different flavors of ice cream, there is even savory ice! And well, what’s even better than real homemade ice cream?

Ice is perhaps the most popular dessert there is. Because so many people find so tasty ice is much experimenting with flavors and textures. Making ice cream is actually very simple, because you can just do it at your home in the kitchen, because you need no professional, expensive ice to make at home. Ice itself

Ice types:

Water Ice or Ice on water

The rocket is probably the best known water ice there is. A water ice is made with – you guessed it – water. Factories are adding sugar, colors, flavors and fragrances to it and if you get a wonderfully refreshing (often sweet) ice cream. The great thing about water ice is that it is very light, perfect for hot summer days and good after a heavy meal. Make yourself do water ice in a jiffy.

Ice Cream

The name says it all, of course: with ice cream as a main ingredient. Ice cream has a base of liquid cream (not from a can) without sugar. In addition, generally milk is added to the cream. Using for example cocoa, vanilla seeds or strawberry puree gives the flavor of the ice cream. My tip: Always use the full types of cream and milk and not the skinny. Fat dairy products indeed contain a much higher water content so you do not get that delicious soft ice cream structure. This is due to the risk of ice crystals, which is much larger then.


Sorbet consists largely of fruit, sugar and water and there is no cream added. Sometimes a small amount of cream is added in order to guarantee. The creamy structure of the ice cream For example, if you have a lactose allergy and you want to order a tasty sorbet icecream, than to be sure that there is no room on the ice is added! Question

Sorbet is often eaten in the summer because it is very light and fresh. However, Sorbet lends itself well to a large sundae with fresh fruit, fruit sauce and whipped cream!

I make fruit sorbet but also fruit syrup, but there are also sorbets made with alcohol. If you want to create one, you should know that alcohol does not freeze, so you should definitely not use much of it.

Also, in order to prevent crystals in your sorbet, it is advisable to use egg with or gelatin, or the combination of both. If you want, you can see some of our sorbets also here →.


The main ingredient of yogurt is – surprisingly – yogurt. The taste of the yogurt ice gets a wonderfully light, fresh sour flavor. Frozen yogurt comes in different flavors. Of course, there is the ‘normal’ natural frozen yogurt, frozen yogurt but can be produced in many different flavors. Example by adding fresh strawberries or yogurt flavored (eg peach yogurt) The advantage of (self made) is that it contains yoghurt relatively much less cream and sugar, so that a serving of frozen yogurt is much less than a portion of high-calorie ice cream.

Yes, but how to approach it?

Even if you go without ice cream you have some basic things needed, such as:

  • A large bowl (depending on the amount of ice you are going to make) which is freezer proof.
  • Bowls for ingredients
  • Guard and / or (bar) mixer
  • Ladle
  • Metal spoon
  • rubber spatula
  • Scoop

The above utensils you may not need to make the ice every time, but it is always useful to have this stuff on hand.

There are several ways to do by hand. Ice There are recipes where you have warm, cream and milk then you do taste additives, the mixture cool and then let freeze. There are also recipes in which cooking / heating is not necessary. Then all the ingredients mixed cold, and the ice cream mixture in the freezer is.

There are powders which do not need to be added only to cold cream after which the mixture may be frozen. For the rapid ice cream makers

Important to know is that you have to manually make the ice cream during the freezing process should stir to prevent ice crystals occur regularly. These crystals make the ice hard and attack the creamy texture of the ice, making the delicious taste is typically less.

Freezer vs. freezer

Ice making is possible both with a freezer as a freezer (the box in your refrigerator). The difference is that a freezer less capacity and less freezing power. By the latter it takes much longer for your homemade ice cream is ready. Additionally, you can even small, often use flat baking instead of a bowl, because it simply does not fit in the freezer.

A freezer or freezer has much more space and power than a freezer compartment. Because a freezer generally at -18 degrees Celsius freezes will homemade ice much faster ready for consumption.

In short ice can be in the freezer as a freezer, cooking times differ significantly only make!

Ice cream maker

Personally I use ice cream maker Magimix and am very happy with it. It is practical, affordable and reusable produce 1.5 liters of ice cream or sorbet which is definitely enough if you just do not expect a visit. In addition, its body fits into the socket combined with fridge freezers, so no need to buy any extra freezing box.

If you prefer a different brand, it might be good idea to consider how often do you want to make an ice cream, whether you have sufficient space for the storage and cooling of the body of the ice maker and you might use some help in checking on references about your desired ice maker on the internet.

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