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  • DSC01817

    Sterilised Flemish stew

    Another meat specialty in the jar. Suitable for camping, after moving to a new house, or as a surprise for your student at boarding school. All without pressure cooker. Preparation time 90 minutes .. Sterilising 90 minutes .. Durability 1 month

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  • DSC01807

    Lemon suns

    Incredibly fresh and delicious cake with rich, lemon flavour. Icredible as a breakfast sandwich, or baked in the butter as an addition to strawberry sorbet. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Resting 2 hours .. Baking 20 minutes .. Durability 5 days

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  • DSC01791

    Sterilised Bolognese with meat

    My first trial in sterilising of the sauce together with minced meat. Next I’ll do another meat in jar. Preparation time 90 minutes .. Strilizing 2 x 90 minutes

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  • DSC01739


    After decorating of honey cookies I sometimes have too much glazing over. So I decided to use it in a quick experiment. The result are delicious, crunchy cookies which I call Frosties. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking ± 10 minutes .. Durability non due …

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  • DSC01730 4


    I was thinking of an original gift for my niece. I have never met her in person, because she lives in America. So she only knows me as her aunt who sends the cookies and surprises. This time I wanted to surprise her with a …

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  • DSC01778

    White chocolate fudge with candied fruits

    Delicious treat of white chocolate. Preparation time 10-15 minutes .. Cooling 4 hours .. Durability none- they are immediately gone

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