Sterilised Bolognese with meat

My first trial in sterilising of the sauce together with minced meat. Next I’ll do another meat in jar.

Preparation time 90 minutes .. Strilizing 2 x 90 minutes


  • 3 glas jars
  • 3 tops

    Prepare the Bolognese as described in the recipe in the link. Sterilise the jars and the tops in the boiling water. Put the bolognese in the jars and let the last level be the sauce (see photo). Close the jars and sterilise the Bolognese for 90 minutes in the pot with boiling water (at 100°C). Allow the jars to cool after sterilisation.

    Repeat the sterilisation again: 90 minutes at 100°C. Why? Because some bacteria will not be destroyed during the first sterilisation and after cooling, they will slowly try to get rid of their protected position. That is the right time to kill them – through the second phase of sterilisation.

    Remove the jars from the water after sterilization and allow to cool completely.
    Now the meat can rest in your cellar until you need it.

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