Sterilised Flemish stew

Another meat specialty in the jar. Suitable for camping, after moving to a new house, or as a surprise for your student at boarding school. All without pressure cooker.

Preparation time 90 minutes .. Sterilising 90 minutes .. Durability 1 month


  • 1 jar for 1 kg meat
  • lids

    Prepare your favorite stew recipe, but make sure that you do not thicken the sauce with any flour or bread. This would call for the fermentation process and that is what you want to prevent. The sauce will have to be thickened:

    or by stewing kilo of onions per kilo of meat in the preparation of the stew
    or only thicken the sauce after opening

    Sterilise the jars and the lids in boiling water. When the meat is ready, put it in the sterilised jars and close well with the lid.

    Put the pot in the pot with warm water, bring to the boil and let it gently sterilise for one and a half hours at 100°C. Remove the jar after sterilising the water and allow to cool completely.

    Repeat the sterilization again and allow the jar to cool completely.

    Now your stew is ready to wait for it’s use in your basement, or to be sent to your hungry student to his boarding school or to leave with you for camping.

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