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  • DSC00748

    Chestnut Patties with bacon and pears

    These patties can you put so much between appetizers, such as main courses. Small but surprisingly nutritious. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 35 minutes

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  • DSC00719

    Mojito – Lemon pie

    As the name let already know, this cake is a reproduction of the lemon tart with meringue from Chef Patissier, Roger Van Damme. Crunchy outside, delicious inside 😉 Preparation time 50 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes .. Stiffen time 2 hours

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  • IMG 2859

    Lemon dough

    Fresh, natural flavoured and extremely delicious fruity dough for pies, pastries or cookies. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Rising 30 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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  • DSC00663

    Cockerels stock

    It’s a quite long time ago I made a chicken of other stock. So I decided to enlarge our register of these kind of soups on Povvi 🙂 Preparation time 90 minutes

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  • DSC00615

    Quiche with smoked salmon, Brussels sprouts and cranberries

    One more fantastic quiche with Brussels sprouts. This time with delicious smoked salmon and cranberries. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 7-8 minutes

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  • DSC00651


    When moving from Slovakia to Belgium, I have not noticed immediately that not all materials for sewing came with me. Until I started my quilt and noticed almost immediately, that my pincushion clearly remained in Slovakia. And without it is sometimes quite difficult, which is …

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  • IMG 2796

    Plum cake with pistachio cream

    Fantastically tasty cake with pistachio cream. Thanks wholemeal puff pastry with cheese is really nutritious, fresh and really delicious. Preparation time 45 minutes .. Baking 12 + 25 minutes

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  • IMG 2779

    Wholemeal puff pastry with quark

    Type of puff pastry of wholemeal flour for fruity cakes. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Rest 30 minutes

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  • IMG 2758

    Yellow beans porridge with champignons and meatloaf

    Porridges are certainly delicious and should not always be sweet. In Slovakia, where I come from, we eat them regularly made from all legumes and with meatloaf, bacon, sausages, fried egg or fried rissoles. Blessed, nutritious, healthy, full of proteins and budget friendly. Preparation time …

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  • IMG 2755

    Fried rissoles

    The classic recipe as I know him from home. The only difference is that I have made​​ only a half-dose, and without a boiled eggs inside of a meatloaf. For two it was really enough. Preparation time 7 minutes .. Baking 40 minutes

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