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White orange truffles

Delicious white truffles with soft but intens orange flavour. A serious treat for real chocoholics.

Preparation time 30 minutes .. Cooling 4 hours .. Durability 2 weeks in airtight container

INGREDIENTS .. 8-12 pers

  • 250 g white chocolate
  • 5,5 tbsp butter
  • 40 ml whipped cream
  • 40 g mascarpone
  • 1 tsp Cointreau
  • candied orange peel


Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Put the butter, mascarpone and whipped cream in the bowl and heat over medium heat. Once the mixture begins to get the bubbles, remove it from the heat and mix in Cointreau (or vanilla extract or other flavouring).

Pour the mixture over the white chocolate and let it stand for a moment so that the chocolate begins to melt. Gently stir until all chocolate is melted and incorporated into the mixture. This is now your ganache.

Cut the orange peel into pieces, put a piece into a mould and pour over with ganache. Leave in the fridge and ready.

Or let the ganache at least 4 hours in the refrigerator and then roll the truffles. Roll the truffles afterwards – optionally in the icing sugar and ready.

Blessed with the coffee or with other truffles shaft a delectable dessert.

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