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Refreshment in the hot days

This summer is indeed the most hot in the almost twelve years that I live in Belgium. And one does not have to be on the road to a holiday destination to experience it in his car – especially if you drive around with a larger van without air conditioning like we. How can we then cool ourselves or make our houses and apartments more liveable? Maybe with the following tricks:


– Aluminum foil does not have to be used only for a summer BBQ but also as a “sun heat free” version of window film. Just roll them out of the box in the height and width of your windows and attach it to the outside with the TESA tape for protection like for painting and done! The effect can be felt already after a few minutes. This way you make exactly the same effect as a sun protection foil for the cars. But this is much cheaper and all-around user friendly solution. And after the heat you can easily remove them.


– Another way of using travel refrigerator at home. Everyone knows it but only few know that these refrigerators are perfect for ice bath for your feet. In our family we use them this way in hotels, while the food is in the electric refrigerator. But at home on our terrace we also use the baby pools of ∅50 cm. Even the largest feet of the man of the house can easily fit in. The refrigerator can of course be replaced with a bucket or tray for your wash 🙂


– Somewhere I read that kangaroos cool themselves by licking their front legs. We do not have to lick ourselves, of course. We can use sprinkler, which everyone has at home: for his car, or windows or spraying flowers. But if you have it hot, you can also fill your sprinkler with ice-cold water and spray every uncovered part of your own body. Believe me, it’s a bliss! And ladies, this way we keep cool and alert not only ourselves but also our male halfs, during a long trip to the holiday destination with a car. You will also be able to enjoy it as a refreshment in the traffic jam in the city.

  • FAN

– A fantastic invention for small and large, for young and old. In combination with the sprinkler, every – also the longest way or waiting at the airport or anywhere else is more pleasant.


– Last but not least are of course cold drinks (we also love beer without alcohol) and ice cream. It is best to drink mineral water because in the heat our body loses not only the water but, due to the perspiration, also the necessary minerals. And if you go for ice cream, sorbet without milk or cream is really the best you want. And it is also easy to make yourself.

Furthermore, I wish everyone a pleasant summer with even more cheap but efficient tricks against really hot sun. And do not forget: everything, also the heat has its reason and the overal promoted global warming is it for 100% not 😉

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