Rabbit rillettes

Ancient French recipe. Truly delicious! I love rillettes and this one is definitely one of my favourite.

Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 2,5-3 hours .. Durability 1 week up to few months


  • 1500 g konijn, in stukken
  • 20 tot 25 zwarte peperkorrels
  • 4 piment bessen
  • 3 dikke el reuzel (varkensvet)
  • 6 el cognac
  • 3 teentjes knoflook, geheel
  • 2 laurierblaadjes
  • 3 takje verse rozemarijn
  • 3 takjes verse tijm
  • 200 ml wild fond
  • 1 grote ui, in grotere stukken
  • 3 sjalotten, in grotere stukken
  • zout en peper


Cut the rabbit into pieces. Heat a cast iron casserole with a spoonful of duck or pork fat and grasp the rabbit in hot fat. Add the chopped onions, the fond and your alcohol. Season with pepper and add herbs and cloves garlic.

Pass the casserole in the oven for 3 hours at 150°C in the oven, the meat must come off the bones and the liquid has to be minimised in the casserole.

Leave the meat warm and gently bite it, the bunny’s bones being very small and easily detached from the flesh.
Separate the pulpit with a fork. Put your hand on the rillettes to detect that there are no small bones left.

Put the meat back in the casserole. Add the fat (optional in case of diet not need this fat intake). Heat over low heat, to melt the fat and incorporate in the rillettes. Pour the rillettes in the jars or terrines.
Cover with fat, if you consume the rillettes in several days.

If you can them like me, put them into jars, close firmly and sterilize in the boiling water for about two hours.

Rillettes of rabbit rather easy to achieve, they were perfumed at will. Spread on a nice slice of bread with and serve with good red wine. They taste DELICIOUS!

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