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Plantain syrup

This syrup is an expectorant, anti-inflammatory drug. Useful in diseases of the respiratory organs, as well as strangles (asthma), further a urinary tract infection in the liver and gallbladder disorders ulcers (stomach and duodenum) in the stomach and intestinal catarrh (in combination with diarrhea, use drugs decoction in red wine). Moreover juice of fresh leaves used to heal wounds and to the tiles or plaster on edema and prepare. Such Otherwise clean fresh leaves can also be used directly – first aid – to stop bleeding in minor injuries.

Preparation time 60 minutes .. Ripening 2 months


  • 800 g plantain leaves
  • 1 kg sugar


In a clean site collect fresh plantain leaves lanceolate, make them a little to dry and then tie them, and weigh the same amount of sugar. Suitable as sugar cane or beet unbleached, therefore, natural. Cut the plantain leaves clean scissors into pieces about 3 cm long. Plantain put on the bottom of the bottle at about 1.5 cm layer, sprinkle a little sugar it popritláčajte. Proceed in the same manner layer by layer. Layers can be added in the coming days, whenever it is necessary sorocelových last layer of leaves fill up a thicker layer of sugar.

In the coming days, the matter will settle to the bottom of the container and begins to create syrup.

Mass also continuously stláčaj and if plantain leaves appear on air, pepper them again a small layer of sugar. After the last coat let the bottle stand for two months in the sun, for example. on the windowsill, only occasionally oppresses content.

After two months syrup strain it through gauze, (not to be stiff) in the same gauze and plantain leaves vyžmýkaj.

Use a teaspoon 3-5 times a day.

If you want cough medicine for adults, put squeezed plantain leaves back into the bottle, mix the lumps caused by squeezing and cover letters at least 50% plum brandy. Leave it to brew mixture in the sun (the window) month to six weeks and then decanted into smaller bottles. Use teaspoon 3-5 times a day.

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