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Flower juicer

No, don’t worry and let your handbag, VISA and purse quietly where they are.

This is not because of a particular foodprocessor, or a new discovery on the sky of kitchen appliances. We will talk about the rediscovery of the functions of a tool, otherwise we all use the same way – the potato press.

I think such press have most of us in the portfolio of our kitchen appliances. And surely you used him, just like me, usually for mashed potatoes, kokosjki, or other potato recipes. But everything changed the last Sunday after picking elder flowers.

My husband and me, we have picked so many elder flower that they’re already the second day in process and will be still also tomorrow. 😀 So today I’ve been thinking a bit, how can I make the most juice without unnecessary pain in my hands during the classic, laborious and manual pressing the juice of boiled flowers up.

And I came up with the great ​​salvation idea – yes – use the potato press. First I processed the flowers as required according to recipe. The next day I placed them with a spoon in the press and have pushed well above the muslin. And the result?

* Fast and efficient work
* The maximum volume of juice from the flowers
* Almost dry waste
* No pain in your hands

I’m really not of those who run immediately on every little thing to the store. I always prefer to think about how you can get a lot of music for a little money. And I hate shopping too.

And so I move this discovery as a cheap, quality and simple tool for the production of elder flower syrup, dandelion honey and other syrups and honey from the flowers also to you.

Now I wait until the elderberries will be ripe and will process them with this pers too. 🙂

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