Cool Hot Yoghulate

An exclusive version of BIO yoghurts for true chocoholics. These are flavoured with the original Dark Hot Chocolate. Irresistible yoghurt with intense chocolate flavour.

Preparation time 20 minutes .. Cultivation 3 hours .. Durability 5 days

INGREDIENTS .. 8 x 200-230 ml

  • 1 liter of pasteurized milk
  • 80 g bio white yogurt
  • 4-5 sachets of Dark Hot Chocolate


Preheat the oven at 45-50°C.
Take a nurse of the milk and mix together with BIO yogurt.

Heat the rest of your milk to 60°C. Add the chocolate (and the sugar if you want it sweeter) and mix it with a whisk until the chocolate is completely dissolved in the milk. Let the milk is now allowed to cool to 40°C, and spread over the prepared slides.

Do not forget to wash and sterilise all your utensils and storage glass in boiling water, so that you avoid the bad bacteria!

When the milk reaches 40°C, add the yogurt mixture and mix everything well.
Now it will begin the process of the reproduction of bacteria. Put your yoghurts in a preheated oven and let them stay for the next 3 hours at this temperature. You do not need a yogurt machine.

Let the yoghurt after three hours left to cool and then you can immediately enjoy them, or put them in the refrigerator where they will still thicken.

A liter of milk you can make up to 10 yogurts. Do you want them with a different taste, then add the milk example Hot Chocolate with Milk, Cappuccino, Caramel, Honey flavour of Hot White Chocolate.

You can use as many bags Hot Chocolate as much as you want. I only used 3 bags per liter of milk because I wanted my yoghurts still remain of yoghurt and not become too sweet. But you can customize it of course to your own desire.

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