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  • IMG 8433

    Apple Dijon Turkey

    I borrowed this recipe from Santa Cruz organic but I left cayenne pepper out and added apple chunks. Now, tat’s my sauce! This menu is delicious! strong>Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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    Fluffy Walnut Croissants

    Feather fluffy croissants of sour cream dough with delicious walnut filling. Someone here is going to have a nice breakfast … 😉 Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 30 + 15 minutes .. Baking 13-15 minutes .. Durability some weeks in the deepfries

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  • IMG 7525

    Cottage cheese salad with salmon

    Fresh, healthy and nutritious combination of cottage cheese, smoked salmon and fresh vegetables. Preparation time 15 minutes

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  • IMG 2713

    Cheddar cheeseburger pasta

    Truly delicious meal! This way I might be friend with cheeseburger. Cheap, fast, easy and very nutritious recipe. Preparation time 25 minutes

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  • IMG 7106

    Apricot jam

    The most popular jam in our family. Preparation time 50 minutes .. Durability 1 year

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  • IMG 0395

    Unwanted banana

    This recipe is also my own invention after the rest of the family turned their noses over bananas with brown spots on the skin. But no one detested such a “disguised” bannan. It’s a really tasty and quick made dessert for the gourmets among us …

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  • IMG 4940

    My own duck paté ®

    Incredibly yummy, I dare to say: a delicious duck paté with multiple uses. Preparation time 45 minutes .. Durability 1 week in refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer

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  • IMG 1014

    Ravioli with duck paté

    More original ravioli in our menu. This time stuffed with a delicious, duck pate. Although they are still waiting to be used, they will be supplemented by this one . ‎ Preparation time 55 minutes .. Cooking 30 minutes .. Durability 3 months in the …

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  • IMG 4728

    Red Cabbage Fritters

    Yummy, healthy and cheap cabbage-potato pancakes, with the addition of oatmeal. Not only are they amazingly tasty and crispy, but they also have a beautiful, purple-blue color. And you can freeze them as well. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 30 minutes .. Durability few …

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  • IMG 4814 3

    Washable Mouth Masks

    Handy, washable mouth masks made of fine cotton and in various colors and patterns. Family and friends will be safe. The masks have a double layer, which creates a kind of “bag” into which another protective layer can be inserted. After use, they can be …

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