Daily Archive for: ‘November 30th, 2018’

  • DSC03204

    Real Lemon fudge ®

    Looking for real lemon fudge I did not find any recipe. Only yellow coloured candies named lemon fudge. So I decided to make my own Real lemon curd fudge and boost it with delicious and crunchy French meringue. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Cooling 2 …

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  • DSC03187

    Rabbit rillettes

    Ancient French recipe. Truly delicious! I love rillettes and this one is definitely one of my favourite. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 2,5-3 hours .. Durability 1 week up to few months

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  • DSC03197

    Russian Pryaniki

    Fantastic Russian gingerbread cookies with vanilla sugar glazing from Olga’s flavour factory.com Preparation time 2 hours 20 minutes .. Durability 1-2 weeks

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