Daily Archive for: ‘August 30th, 2014’

  • IMG 2641

    Salad of beetroot, lentil and feta

    Another tasty recipe from Weekend magazine. Beetroot is a tremendously healthy vegetable for anyone with iron deficiency, people with anemia, fatigue, bladder problems as well as detox 😉 Preparation time 80 minutes

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  • IMG 2610

    Candied lamb with garlic and lemon

    The recipe comes from Weekend magazine. Great taste of diet, yet candied lamb is fantastic accompanied by aromatic potatoes. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 75 minutes

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  • IMG 2530

    Stuffed zucchini

    If I would have to describe this recipe I’d do it best with this Slovak proverb: “A virtue out of necessity.” Sometimes I’m really desperate when it comes to everyday cooking and this was a nice way to combine vegetables with not too much of …

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