Ricotta from the 3rd floor

After making the lump cheese I had more than 4 liters of whey. So I decided to make a ricotta according to the recipe of my friend Laura. And here is the result 🙂

Preparation time 130 minutes .. Cooling 8-10 hours .. Sieving 60 minutes .. Shelf life 5 days in the fridge

INGREDIENTS .. 570 g of ricotta

  • 4 liters of whey of produced cheese
  • 700 ml up to 1 liter of pasteurised milk or fresh cow milk
  • 2 dcl vinegar


It is best to make the ricotta in the later afternoon so the cheese can form until next day.

Mix the whey with a liter of milk and bring to 38°C. This will take approximately 30 minutes. Keep the temperature at this altitude for an hour. Then subsequently heat the mixture to 85°C but no higher! The mixture must not boil! Heating will take approximately 40-45 minutes.

Add the vinegar, stir well and set of the fire. Let the mixture cool in a cold room or place, best until the next day.

The next day, pour the mixture through a sieve lined with a clean cloth and leave quietly drain. Draining will take a few hours.

What remains is your fresh, freshly made ricotta recipes for all kinds of sweet or salty way. Put them in the jars and refrigerate for max.5 days. Do not freeze ricotta for later! She might get unpleasant taste and you shell be disappointed.

Do absolutely not worry about the taste of the ricotta because of using vinegar. You will be very pleasantly surprised, how softly sweet the taste really is !

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