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Peanut Fudge

Typical, English classic recipe.

Preparation time 10 minutes .. Cooling 2 hours

SUROVINY .. 30 pcs

  • 180 g bitter chocolate 70%
  • 210 g condensed sweet milk
  • 150 g peanut butter without pieces
  • 70 g cocoa powder


Fudge can make in 3 ways :
1. in bain- marie pot
2. in microwave
3. over a bowl of boiling water

I’ve warm ​​it for 2 minutes in microwave on full tour, so I describe it this way.
In a heat -using best bowl add the chocolate, peanut butter and sweet condensed milk. Put the bowl in the microwave and bar two minutes on full speed.
Remove the bowl from the microwave and ROEE well. Line a baking sheet or flat board with size 24 x 24 cm (or a round with diameter 28 cm ) with baking paper. Fudge not need more than 5-7 mm thick. The recipe is made for the baking tray 24 x 24 cm .

Pour the fudge into the form. Spread it over smoothly. Work quickly because fudge hardens fast. Cover the top with a sheet of baking paper and roll with a small roller or flat glass over. Do the fudge in the refrigerator and let him for min.2 hours stiffen – best during the night.

Take the fudge after cooling out of the mold. If they where the air balls during the processing you’ll have now you a small craters on your fudge, which is not a problem. With them your fudge will look really original. Now slice of fudge into squares no bigger than 3x3cm. Help yourself with powdering your knife with cocoa powder and the knife will not be sticky.

Put the cocoa in a plastic bag and put the fudge in it. Shake fudge in a bag and just take the square ‘s back with a small strainer. Shake the screen very carefully, so that the corners of square nice stay sharp. Who is afraid of making the mass can also roll the balls and roll them in cocoa powder.

Then take the squares with the gloves or using another plastic bag and turn them into a recipient or the board. If you will not use gloves or plastic bag make sure you’ll avoid the fingerprints on your fudge. It certainly would not be nice to present your fudge with them.

Serve together with a strong coffee, or as a medicine for depression or boredom of the weather. Keep the rest in a sealed container so that the cocoa will not take the moisture of the refrigerator.

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