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How to ship cookies as a PRO

Every year it is the same at Christmas time: baking cookies, decorating and sending them anywhere in the world. This year it was no different; only it was less busy and I baked only 850 cookies. However, the decoration is too sensitive, so how do you ship them without damaging them?

I looked on the internet but I did not like the way they do it at all – it was too much waste of packaging material for too few cookies. My method? I put them in a shipping box in layers:

  1. I always cover the bottom with bubble foil or a layer of cardboard.
  2. Each layer means a plastic bag in the size of the shipping box and the baking paper as the basis for putting them on. Such way that they touch each other on the side but not on the top or bottom.
  3. Intermediate layer is then a plastic film for the glass and then I repeat the layer with cookies.
  4. When the box is filled up to 1 cm from the top, I only put the double layer of the bubble film on and done.

I always ensure that the box is filled in such a way that the cookies in the box can no longer move after being packaged and therefore no damage will occur. Even if I send them to my brother in the USA, none of them will be damaged.

In a box I can then even lose up to 250 cookies in this way and they always arrive without any problem. And you will not have trouble with unpacking.

This year I sent them only to Czech Republic and to Slovakia even with a homemade Tilda – see photo below. Everything was in perfect order without any damage.

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