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Crème de Cassis from Dijon

Real and genuine Crème de Cassis from Dijon.

Preparation time 60 minutes .. Cooking 15 minutes .. Durability several years

INGREDIENTS .. for 2 liters

  • 6 currants leaves
  • 1 kg of black currant
  • 1 dl glass of alcohol at 90°
  • 1 liter wine brandy at 13°
  • 800 g of granulated sugar


Crush black currants, add leaves, wine and half of the sugar. Steep for 5 days in the cellar or in a cool place.

Stir 1 time per day. Sieve black currant or squeeze through the press.

Add the remaining sugar to the juice, bring to a boil and remove from heat after the first boil. Cool and pour the shot glass.

Bottle and store.


You have to pass the juice through a sieve, even repeat the process!

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