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Blackthorn Jam

Blackthorn is another autumn fruit that is not typical in our countries, perhaps only as alcohol, but it is very popular in Scotland, Ireland and also in Italy. And not only in the preparation of sloe gin, but also as jam and blackthorn jelly for wild. That’s why we tested this fruit this year.

Preparation 45-55 minutes .. Cooking 30-45 minutes .. Shelf life 1 year


  • 2,5 kg blackthorn
  • 800 g – 1 kg custard sugar
  • juice from 1 lemon


Place the frozen blackthorns in a pot together with 100 ml of water and let them boil. Then pass them through a sieve and catch the puree. From the cooked fruits that we had, we caught 1100 g of blackthorn puree.

There is a myth that blackthorns cannot be picked until after the first frost. But believe me, if you don’t pick them now, you won’t find anything after the first frost, because the birds will eat them all. That is why the whole world picks blackthorns in the first half of September and freezes them until they are used. Frost “breaks” the fruit, making it easier to process it further and the taste is only improved. Mine had been in the freezer for more than a week because I was first working on the rose hips.

Put the puree in a pot, add lemon juice and sugar and bring slowly to the boil.

Perform the jam test after about half an hour and if the jam is no longer too fluid, pour it into sterile jars and seal them.

In the second half of the jam I added 1 mocha spoon of almond extract (no flavor!). The taste is even better!

Although the blackthorns are literally the ancestors of plums, the taste of the jam does not remind me of the plum at all. In any case, the jam is really great.

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