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  • DSC02280

    Spicy apricot sauce

    Delicious, spicy sauce that you can also use on ice. Preparation time 60 minutes

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  • DSC02260

    Red berry meringue

    Another sweet memory on my childhood. Quickly done and decadent yummy Slovak dessert. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Durability 2 days in case that your children didn’t see you to prepare it.

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  • Spravodlivost3

    God is my Advocate!

    I am very happy to publish my husband’s testimony. Following words are his thanksgiving to the Lawyer and the Advocate par excellence – to our Father, Jesus Christ. Let it be an encouragement to all who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, for they will …

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  • DSC02218

    Radish pins

    Delicious pins of radish and spring onions. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Baking 20 minutes

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  • DSC02198

    Lemon Cheesecake Mousse

    Delicious little cheesecake in a jar. Fresh lemon mousse finished with irresistible Italian Meringue. Preparation time 20 minutes

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  • DSC02089

    Chocolate – Orange tart

    Juicy, chocolate birthday cake with orange for the real chocaholics between us. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking 40-50 minutes

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  • DSC02042

    Cross Pouch ®

    Another gift for my little niece with great fashion appetite. This time a chic cross pouch in golden color. Material is an original Greek brocade. It is processed in six small square flowers, each with a golden rhinestone. The chain is recycled Christmas tree necklace. …

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  • DSC02014 2

    L’Ortho d’Ox Pompadour

    We started with a new, luxury series of play/decorative dolls: L’Ortho d’Ox. Pompadour is dressed in gold; is 50 cm tall and has hair of original sheep wool. It is always possible to order the doll. The price on request and depends from material used. …

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  • DSC01986

    Choco – cappuccino cups

    Little treats with delicious chocolate – coffee flavour. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking 20-25 minutes

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  • DSC01962

    Persimon & Cranberry compote

    Sweet Persimon in combination with sour cranberries. Delicious compote for your meat or chipolata’s. Preparation time 45-60 minutes .. Durability 1 year weeks

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