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  • IMG 63441

    Hungarian goulash

    Typical Hungarian specialty of beef, tomatoes and peppers. The Comfort food of the East as it should be. Preparation time 2 hours

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  • IMG 6031 1024x649

    Piedmont Breads

    Typical Italian bread from Piedmont (Biove). Preparation time 2×15 minutes .. Rising 2×30; 20; 40-50 minutes .. Baking time 30-35 minutes

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  • IMG 56121

    Steak Tartar

    According to the info on the internet belongs amaricain préparé or steak tartar to the meats and is made from raw ground lean beef as steak. The word means tartare finely chopped or minced (here for meat, but the word is also used for fish …

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