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100% Handmade Quilt ®

I’m crazy about original things that are not so easy to be made and therefore just fascinating and attractive to me. And so I just decided a year ago to make this quilt. In the fantastic book of Clare Kingslake, where I based the design upon only enlarging it to king size. I found it challenging to sew and beautiful at the same time, that I had to simply make it. And thanks to my creativity in everything supportive husband, I succeeded. This way I’d like to thank him for his help.

Whom of you did not believe until now that I’m not a professional cook nor pastry chef, can finally be convinced that POVVI really belongs to a dressmaker.

It has been made entirely by hand, including the hand embroidery and quilting. Only the zippers on the cushions were sewed with the machine. And these pictures are for you to enjoy:

Click on the images for enlargement.

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