Tryouts ®

Our original, genuine en purely invented POVVI recipes. Here are published also recipes we have got from master chefs during reportages with them.

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Fluffy gluten-free bread

Crunchy crust, open, light, moist and fluffy texture and delicious flavor and taste. So this is our gluten-free bread. Preparation …

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Hakacho pinwheels ®

Incredibly tasty combination of hazelnuts, cinnamon and cardamom, translated into the breakfast pinwheels. Preparation time 15 minutes .. Rising 30+15 …

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IMG 82121

Blueberry biscuit ®

Fantastic and fruity biscuit. My own recipe. Preparation time 10 minutes .. Baking 15-18 minutes

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IMG 8396

Apple flowers ®

For us is Valentine actually every day. But to make our breakfast more fun and more festive, I made ​​the …

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IMG 8333

Blue from Heaven ®

Eight years together deserves some “Happy wedding anniversary”. This “Blue from Heaven ®” is for my husband 😉 Preparation time …

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IMG 7992

Brown fiber bread ®

I did a bit of cleaning between my ​​bread ingredients. But what a nice loaf of all “bread supplements” I’ve …

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IMG 7871

Daniela ®

This cake I want to dedicate to the first princesse of our family, Daniela. Happy nameday, Sweetie! Preparation time 30 …

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IMG 7755

Gingerbread fudge

Speculoos, or gingerbread fudge for my son. Happy nameday, Puf ! 🙂 Preparation time 10 minutes .. Cooling 2 hours

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IMG 75422

Quail fillets with grapefruit ®

I wondered how to prepare a quail fillet with fruits. Uncle Google did not inspire me, so I decided to …

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Pie #55 ®

Chocolate-fruity birthday tart with mirror glazing for my dear husband. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Cooling 5 hours .. Baking …

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IMG 7433

CocOrange ®

Original, cocoa-orange cake to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We were invited at the last minute, but we still managed such …

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IMG 72611

Fiji Orange ®

Copyright © 2015 The Presidency of Very Visual Information. All Rights Reserved Recipe for this original gourmet delicacy is for …

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