Tryouts ®

Our original, genuine en purely invented POVVI recipes. Here are published also recipes we have got from master chefs during reportages with them.


Pinwheels of Reims ®

Original invention with theme: How do you teach a dry biscuit obey: D And so I made this delicious Pinwheels …

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IMG 1700

FrangiBerry ®

Next fruit-nutty inspiration. Thanks orange dough and spicy blueberry puree, this cake a delicious, deep and piquant taste, completed with …

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IMG 1011

Apricot tart with almond topping

After a long period back to the sweet breakfast. To bake the cake on a big baking tray would be …

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IMG 1036

Strawberry-field ®

Delicious and fresh cake with intense strawberry flavour. Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 15-18 minutes .. Cooling 1 hour

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IMG 09571

Strawberry joconda ®

Another recipe from my creative studio. This time a real strawberry biscuit without colorants or artificial flavours. Preparation time 10 …

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IMG 0790

Black currant Ch’uck ®

How did we find the name Ch’uck? Simple. It has come through a combination of chicken and duck breast in …

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IMG 0710

Fantasy à la minute ®

My little “minute-made dessert” with leftovers from the cakes and cream. Delicious, easy and super handy in case of unexpected …

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IMG 0603

Meringue cake®

Delicious raspberry-strawberry bavarois literally set in a ring of meringue. 🙂 Preparation time 20 minutes .. Baking 2 hrs

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IMG 0539

Povvi vlaai ®

A new cake of Slovak traditional honey cookies. Slovak alternative to typical Belgian pie. Preparation time 30 minutes .. Baking …

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IMG 0032

Goji candies ®

Easter at the door, but also moving. No time for baking and yet we will not be without Easter treats, …

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IMG 9799

April ®

April tart for my sister in law’s birthday. Seasonal tart with pistachio dacquoise, delicious, rhubarb-elderflower honey-strawberry filling and aromatic, marinated …

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IMG 9658

Pure cocoa cream ®

Cream of 100% pure, unrefined cocoa beans. Preparation time 20 minutes

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